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Application Idea 1 - Microwave or RF Amplifier Test Setup.

Application Idea 2 - External Leveling Loop for a Microwave Signal Generator.

Application Idea 3 - Inexpensive Scaler Measurement of a Band Pass Filter.

Detector Risetime Vs. Performance - Performance Comparisons: Planar Doped Barrier Vs Zero Bias Schottky Detectors.

Krytar Directional Couplers: Term Definitions, Testing, and Typical Applications.

"180-Deg. Hybrids Control Signals From 2 to 20 GHz", Microwaves & RF article, December 1988.

"Precision Coaxial Terminations Offer Low SWR and Mechanical Reliability", Microwave Journal article, February 1989.

"Microwave Power Meter Adds Potent Options", Microwaves & RF article, October 1997.

"Broadband, 3dB 90° Hybrids Cover 1 to 18 GHz", Microwave Journal article, September 1985.

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"Coaxial Coupler and Directional Detector Sample 2 to 40 GHz", Microwaves & RF article, May 1987.

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"Microwave Legends", Microwaves & RF article, August 2006.



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